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Dec 2016

“The 'Empowered Worker'™ in a Smart Manufacturing Plant – Two Case Studies”

A smart manufacturing facility has the capability to synthesize smart and flexible solutions for implementing smart business processes using internet and wireless technologies that help empower workers to make smart, timely and informed decisions.

This whitepaper looks at two case studies that illustrates how a manufacturing worker can use the real-time contextual intelligence that can be generated by smart technology in a timely manner to help improve efficiency, effectiveness and quality by minimizing errors and being subject to less stress while performing complex operations.

An adaptation of the whitepaper can be found here, and the full whitepaper can be downloaded here.

Oct 2015

Automated Best Practices for Driving Asset Performance

Synopsis: With the advent of Smart Manufacturing and Industrial Internet of Things, inter-connectivity between devices, disparate systems, and correspondingly, synergistic collaboration between multiple business processes and stakeholders within a manufacturing enterprise are becoming a reality. In this white paper we shall address one such synergistic integration between maintenance and operations. We shall showcase some best practices that are enabled by integrating operations and maintenance in real time – more specifically, by illustrating how maintenance can drive superior asset performance.

For an adaptation of the whitepaper Click Here. To access the complete whitepaper, please send us an e-mail at [email protected]