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Reliability Excellence is a business philosophy of a maintenance organisation. Reliability Excellence is mandated to ensure successful fulfillment of certain corporate strategic goals of large enterprises that specifically require the synergistic interaction of three independent resources, viz., labor, machines and knowledge of maintenance best practices. In other words, Reliability Excellence is a holistic approach that focusses on eliminating random (and systematic) failures by means of a set of proactive transformational processes.

What we do?

Our trained consultants shall understand the "AS IS" status of random and systematic failures encountered by the maintenance organisation and their impact on the fulfillment of some of the corporate strategic goals. Based on the assessed 'uncertainty characteristics" of the said failures, we will further design a specific set of transformational processes that will proactively eliminate such failures. After piloting and refining the processes to achieve a stage of maturity, we will help in rolling out such processes across the organisation to achieve corporate wide benefits.

The Benefits

The immediate benefit would be the drastic cost saving that can be achieved due to the elimination of unexpected failures that are caused due to uncertainty and randomness. The mid term return shall be the achievement of improvement in labor effectiveness, equipment effectiveness and maintenance effectiveness. The longer term return shall be the achievement of an overall improvement in the "Cost of Reliability".

The People

Our consultants are experienced managers and engineers who have a sound knowledge of: (a) the maintenance business challenges in large organisations, unexpected failures, and their impact on the overall organisation's performance and/or achievement of strategic goals, (b) maintenance best practices and transformational processes, and last but not the least, (c) enabling technologies that can proactively eliminate the occurrence of failures and implement the transformational processes.