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It is well known that the automotive industry suffers from low margins and can not afford breakdowns. Even one hour of an unplanned breakdown can cause a loss in millions of dollars. Especially, in the case of in-line sequencing or just in time scenarios, there is no room for surprises in the form of delays due to equipment problems or shut downs. In such situations, Enterprise Gateway provides the competitive advantage to automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to stay ahead of potential failures and in maintaining good health of assets, which in turn, not only makes the organization predictable and reliable, but also helps in the significant reduction of the cost of maintenance, thereby improving the bottomline.
In this industry, while certain manufacturing processes demand vigilant (turbine blade manufacturing for instance) maintenance regimes during manufacturing because they are critical, there is a general tendency to give less importance to proactive maintenance. Opportunistic maintenance, which is an evolving concept, has changed the outlook on maintenance of late. It is increasingly being realized that the overall efficiency of production can be greatly improved via appropriate and opportunistic maintenance that Enterprise Gateway can offer.
As a high volume manufacturing industry, there is a need to maximize availability by improving machine health and optimizing planned shutdowns. Enterprise Gateway performs both. The industry in general is going through a metamorphosis to move from a reactive to a more proactive, opportunistic maintenance philosophy and EG is already a pioneering driver in this change.
The maintenance of safety, quality and the compliance to strict regulatory standards drive the cost of operations significantly. By introducing opportunistic maintenance via Enterprise Gateway, this industry is able to reduce the cost of poor quality due to equipment degradation. In addition, the packaging and bottling plants have the need for better efficiency of operations (due to the low margins in this industry) which are impacted due to hidden costs of unplanned maintenance. This cost can be reduced drastically and the efficiency improved significantly via enterprise gateway.
The asset base in the utilities run to billions of dollars. Two metrics are very important in this industry the return on Production Assets and the annual cost of replacement of assets. This is apart from the regular cost of maintenance that will also be significant. Enterprise Gateway improves the net return on production assets by uncovering unused capacity, improves the annual cost of replacement of assets by extending the life of assets via better health management and finally reduces the annual expenditure in maintenance by shaving off unplanned maintenance and optimizing planned maintenance.
The process industry starves for continuous improvement in process efficiency. For instance, if it is a steel production plant or a cement manufacturer, the cost of energy per ton of steel or cement produced becomes an important factor. The cost of energy has an important bearing on the health of equipment and its maintenance. Enterprise Gateway monitors the health to maintain in good standing continuously and thereby contributes to the production energy optimization of the organization.
The problem in the mining industry is quite unique in that unplanned maintenance is extremely costly and at times even impossible to perform within short notice. There is therefore a need for a Proactive Maintenance regime and a reliability centered maintenance strategy that maintains such a regime. Enterprise Gateway is a significant enabler of Reliability Excellence in such situations.