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Machine Intelligence-Based Felt Failure Prediction Begins at a Global Paper Leader

Aug 2020

Using Enterprise Gateway's AI algorithms, we are helping the Mexican plant of one of the world’s largest paper manufacturers predict the remaining life of felts for optimized performance and maintenance of these critical assets.

EG v2.9.5 Approved for Roll out Across 75 Plants of a Global Auto Major

Jul 2020

Enterprise Gateway has now been enabling plant reliability excellence for the 17th consecutive year at one of the top 5 global auto OEMs.

The New Version of Enterprise Gateway, EG 2.9.5, Successfully Released!

Mar 2019

EG Contract Renewed for the 15th Consecutive Year with a Major Automotive Client

Nov 2018

We received notification from a long standing client and one of the top three automotive manufacturers in the world that it has renewed the contract for the use of Enterprise Gateway licenses in 2019 in all of its global plants – which means 5G Automatika shall have the opportunity to serve this prestigious customer for the 15th consecutive year!

5G Automatika Presents at Canada's Largest Annual Maintenance Conference

Sep 2018

Our topic titled, "Asset Intelligence System: A Practical Approach for Transforming from Reactive to Proactive Asset Performance Management", was well received at MainTrain 2018 - Canada's largest annual maintenance, reliability and physical asset management conference, exhibition and networking event that attracts leading experts, practitioners and professionals in the domains.

5G Automatika Exhibits EG Sync at the 2018 Discovery Innovation Conference

Apr 2018

Our IIoT mobility version of Enterprise Gateway, called EG Sync, was exhibited along with our suite of digital automation solutions at the Ontario Centres of Excellence’s annual innovation conference that brought together industry, academia, government. EG Sync (a location-aware app that automatically populates the screen with all assets in proximity to the operator with associated asset intelligence KPIs, and allows the operator to manually schedule maintenance work orders from the hand-held itself) evinced high interest among the attendees in addition to our Google Glass™ warehouse picking demo and Empowered Worker™ Suite of IIoT Solutions concept.

Enterprise Gateway Implemented at a Leading Global Manufacturing Brand

Mar 2018

One of the largest personal care products companies in the world adopted Enterprise Gateway into its automation fold at one of its plants in Mexico.

5G Automatika Exhibits at Automation Fair® 2017

Nov 2017

As an Encompass™ Product Partner, our Referenced Products generated high interest at the Connected Enterprise themed event in Houston, especially our Empowered Worker™ Suite of IIoT Solutions that involved hands-on warehouse picking & part sub-assembly demos utilizing Google Glass™!

5G Automatika’s 2nd White Paper is published in The Journal

Dec 2016

Our White Paper titled “The ‘Empowered Worker’™ in a Smart Manufacturing Plant – Two Case Studies” was published in the recent issue of The Journal from Rockwell Automation and their PartnerNetwork™. Download the white paper from here.

5G Automatika Attends the 24th Annual SMRP Conference in Florida

Oct 2016

We participated in the 2016 Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (SMRP) conference and expo in Jacksonville where, along with our U.S. global automation partner, we showcased our joint product offering of Enterprise Gateway and our partner's reliability system. The event attracted global professionals, technicians, educators and executives from the fields of maintenance and reliability.

5G Automatika bags an order with a Major Automotive Company!

Jul 2016

5G Automatika (5GA) and its partner in the U.S., which is a global giant in the control and automation sector, have bagged an order with the second largest automotive company in the world for synergistically applying both the software product of 5GA, Enterprise Gateway, and its partner's product for improving vehicle manufacturing operations in the client's production facilities.

A Highly Successful Mexico Visit for Enterprise Gateway and eC4

Nov 2015

In our last week’s first outreach program in Mexico, Enterprise Gateway and eC4 (5G's real-time energy intelligence solution) were well-received by the local manufacturing companies as valuable platforms for reducing unplanned downtime and energy costs respectively. Pilots for the two products are in the pipeline, one from the largest dairy in Mexico and the other from a very large bottling plant.

5G Automatika's Whitepaper is Published in 'The Journal'

Oct 2015

Our whitepaper, titled "Automated Best Practices for Driving Asset Performance", has been published in the recent issue of Rockwell Automation's periodical, 'The Journal'. This will provide a good exposure to us in the area of Asset Intelligence and Performance Management given the extensive reach of the publication in the global industrial automation sector. An adaption article of our publication can be found here.

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Release of Enterprise Gateway v 2.9.1

Sep 2015

Enterprise Gateway's latest version, 2.9.1, includes the ability to create rule libraries from existing configurations and it is envisaged that this capability will considerably expand the usability of the product. EG continues to drive the next generation of Asset Intelligence and Performance Management for 5G Automatika's clients in 15 countries!

Successful EG POC Pilot at an Industrial Automation Giant

Aug 2015

Earlier this month, EG once again demonstrated its versatility and value as an end-to-end intelligence solution by showcasing its ability to integrate an automation giant's asset reliability system to a CMMS/EAM application thus creating a unique asset intelligence solution.

EG installed in a major Alaskan water utility

Jul 2015

Last week, Enterprise Gateway completed a successful pilot at a major water and wastewater utility in Alaska that involved monitoring and driving proactive maintenance of the facility's lift stations. The benefits to the client are decreased maintenance costs and improved lift station performance.

5G Automatika de Mexico is born

Jul 2015

In a recent press release, 5G Automatika announced the incorporation of our subsidiary in Mexico City. We are now set to utilize our extensive capabilities in Asset Intelligence Management to drive cost savings in the region's manufacturing and utility industries.

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5GA and EG are mentioned in 'The Journal'

Jun 2015

5G Automatika's membership in Rockwell Automation's Encompass Program and Enterprise Gateway's capabilities in Asset Intelligence Management were outlined (p. 11 & 44) in the recent issue of Rockwell's periodical, 'The Journal', which has a readership base of about 70,000!

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Strategic through Asset Performance Management

May 2015

On behalf of Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA), a not for profit global community of manufacturers, suppliers, industry leaders and solution providers, Dr. Ananth Seshan, CEO & Managing Director of 5G Automatika and Chair of MESA Working Group on Asset Performance Management (APM), and Ms. Karen Smiley from ABB Research (and member of the MESA APM Working Group) conducted an unconference session for about 23 participants from major global manufacturers on Monday, May 4th on "how to appropriately and holistically position Asset Performance Management within an organization in order to deliver strategic value" during the Industry Week Best Plants Conference held in Charlotte, North Carolina. The session provided new insights and solicited useful opinions from the participants on the positioning of APM as a strategic initiative and the critical need to establish bi-directional traceability between the generic strategic goals and the specific, fine granular operational goals of APM via an intermediate "tactical layer". Specific examples of how the links between the strategic and operational layers of APM can be established by an intermediary tactical layer were discussed and debated during the unconference.

Stop Rising Emergency Preventive Maintenance Costs

Apr 2015

Dr. Ananth Seshan published an article in MESAknows, the blog of MESA International, the global not-for-profit industry association that "educates about the connection between Manufacturing and IT", concerning the need for organizations to prevent their critical assets from reaching the state of imminent emergency failure via undertaking active Preventive or Predictive Maintenance interventions. These actions would in turn reduce the need for Emergency Preventive Maintenance responses that are performed very close to a failure thereby making them costlier.

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Enterprise Gateway New Version Release

Mar 2015

5G Automatika has announced its next release of Enterprise Gateway, version 2.9, to be generally available on March 16th 2015. “This version goes beyond just being a real time operational integration of the plant and the enterprise. It will provide real time Asset Intelligence Management thereby enabling strategic and competitive advantage to our asset intensive utility and manufacturing customer base”, says Dr. Ananth Seshan, CEO & Managing Director of the company.

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Encompass Program from Rockwell Automation

Jan 2015

5G Automatika was recently accepted into the Encompass Program from Rockwell Automation, the industry leader in manufacturing automation solutions. The Encompass Program is a third-party product referencing program that allows the Rockwell Automation customer base to quickly locate the products that best solve their application challenges. As part of the Rockwell Automation PartnerNetwork, 5G Automatika will be invited to participate in Rockwell Automation events. 5G shall also have the opportunity to participate in the authorship of technical articles in the Rockwell Automation periodical called 'The Journal'.

Enterprise Gateway Unlimited

Dec 2014

5G Automatika bagged a significant order from one of the top 3 auto majors in the world. This global major purchased an unlimited site license of Enterprise Gateway for use in all of its automotive production plants worldwide. The user footprint of Enterprise Gateway is now in 15 countries!

Industrial Meet in Mexico

Nov 2014

Our products Enterprise Gateway and eC4 evinced a lot of interest in the recent Industrial Meet which was organized for DR. Ananth Seshan by our local partner Mr. Grimm. The Chairman of a large Industrial group Mr. Oscar Peraita hosted the event in their premises.


Canadian Automotive Trade Mission

Aug 2014

Ananth Seshan was recently part of the Canadian Automotive Trade Mission to the UK. The program which was organized by the Canadian High Commission and the Canadian Manufacturing Association, was aimed at bringing forward advanced Canadian manufacturing technologies to the UK, more specifically, to explore synergies with key players in the automotive industry, experts and researchers in the UK. Ananth’s focus in the delegation was to promote our products Enterprise Gateway and eC4 to these prospective customers apart from furthering our research interests with universities in the UK.

Automatika's Consulting Practice

Jun 2014

5G Automatika Ltd., a Canadian software product company announced its new consulting practice in enterprise asset performance management. The company is known for its flagship product Enterprise Gateway that integrates production and maintenance systems to drive real time asset performance in manufacturing companies and utilities.

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"On the Cloud" and "Mobile”

Jan 2014

Toronto based 5G Automatika Ltd., the owner of Enterprise Gateway software product that integrates operational systems with business systems in large manufacturing enterprises and utilities, unveiled its plans for their next generation offering to be released in January 2014. The product has already clocked 500,000 hours in the field with various manufacturing and utility industry majors for the purpose of driving real time opportunistic and proactive maintenance.