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Enterprise Gateway (EG) is a Real-Time Asset Intelligence Management platform that enables enterprise activities scheduled in resident enterprise solutions to be actively driven by real-time production (operational) dynamics. Specifically, over the last decade, the solution has served more than 750,000 hours in the field to actively drive maintenance to enhance asset performance in real-time.

Bridging the Gap between Production & Maintenance

EG has an in-built intelligent rules engine that evaluates real-time incidents and logical conditions of equipment health/behaviour and generates work orders in enterprise asset management or computerized maintenance management systems. The rules engine can be configured for preventive and predictive maintenance.

EG also has the ability to ‘learn’ from experience. In other words, EG understands the behaviour of equipment over a period of time and can identify patterns that can lead to potential equipment failures. This is achieved using a machine-intelligence algorithm.

An Intelligent App to Prevent Unplanned Downtime in the Smart Factory

EG Sync is a tablet-based app that runs on the Enterprise Gateway platform in order to facilitate opportunistic collaboration between different maintenance stakeholders – thereby enabling effective and timely manual interventions to generate proactive actions to prevent failures.

EG Sync therefore facilitates the last mile connectivity to EG and thus enables 'maintenance on-the-fly' response to dynamically occurring asset performance conditions on the plant floor.

Combined Value of EG & EG Sync in the Smart Factory