“On the cloud” and "Mobile” Enterprise Gateway is set to Maximize Asset Performance            August 7th 2013

Toronto based 5G Automatika Ltd., the owner of Enterprise Gateway software product that integrates operational systems with business systems in large manufacturing enterprises and utilities, unveiled its plans for their next generation offering to be released in January 2014. The product has already clocked 500,000 hours in the field with various manufacturing and utility industry majors for the purpose of driving real time opportunistic and proactive maintenance.

“For starters, the product will be supporting bi-directional actionable mobility apart from its brand new dashboard look”, says Mr. Badri Narayanan, the Product Manager for Enterprise Gateway. Badri further explains, “Users can generate work orders or meter updates from smart phones or tablets using Enterprise Gateway, and at the same time, get personalized operational intelligence updates from production, dispatches of work orders, failure histories, maintenance plans, etc., from maintenance. In other words, our customers will experience unified intelligence underlying both production and business information on their handheld devices from anywhere in the planet”.

The product has thus far been used as a back-end tool for generating real time actions in Enterprise Asset Management Systems in response to real time production events. It has also been extensively used for providing usage tracking of machines to drive appropriate Preventive Maintenance in Enterprise Asset Management Systems.

“The perception of being just a back end tool for bridging the gaps in business flows between production and maintenance systems is going to change”, says Badri, who has been managing this product line for the last 6 years. “Our next release is all about the software generating actions in order to maximize the economic value of the assets in production”, he asserted. He further went on to add, “This will be achieved in the product via unified analysis of real time production and maintenance intelligence extracted along with the other dynamic factors”.

The company also has plans to deliver the product in a “software as a service” model. “We have been studying cloud based approaches for delivery for the last couple of years. We could not make an entry earlier because of the industry barriers. Those barriers are slowly breaking and we would want to offer this model as an optional delivery model from our next release onwards”, he concluded.

The new version of Enterprise Gateway is expected to be generally available during the last week of January 2014.

About 5G Automatika

5G Automatika is a niche player in Plant to Enterprise software solutions. The company has operations in North America, Europe and Asia. Its products enable integrated and real time actionable information flows between the production and business departments of a utility or a manufacturing enterprise in order to capitalize on the dynamically emerging opportunities for reducing losses or improving unit cost efficiencies.

Corporate Contact:
Dr. Ananth Seshan,
E: aseshan@5gautomatika.com,
T: +1 416.925.1440